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If you are looking for quality hair enhancements in London, get in touch with Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions. 

A few comments from our delighted lady clients:

"Going through chemo and the challenges you are faced with are really quite daunting. One side effect is losing your hair and I was recommended to see Jennifer by my Oncologist well before my treatment began. It takes 6-8 weeks for a hair replacement system to be made so it was great advice to get seen early as hair loss can occur by the 3rd week of your first session of chemo. From the minute I walked into Jennifer’s salon, I felt at ease. Her calm and sympathetic approach was extremely welcomed and she spent so much time talking me through all the different steps of hair replacement as well as her having a lot of knowledge and experience of dealing with people going through chemotherapy. By the time I left her salon I felt I had made a new friend! She was amazing. The concept of the hair replacement sounded amazing but nothing could have prepared me for the amazing likeness to my own hair that I saw the day I went to pick it up. In between my first appointment and the final fitting, Jennifer stayed in touch with me all the way. She skin tested me, even visiting me in hospital to do this which was amazing! She certainly gave me an amazing service. Once my hair started to go, I made the decision to shave it all off and Jennifer ordered me a synthetic wig in the meantime whilst we were waiting for my hair replacement. I went to Jennifer to shave my hair and although this was extremely traumatic, we still managed to have a laugh and a giggle and again her calming and amazing way with me was welcomed with open arms! My hair replacement is absolutely amazing…no one would EVER know I was wearing a wig. Apart from what others may think, I have been blown away with the comfort of it, how I can sleep in it, have it washed at my own hairdresser weekly without taking it off and can even swim in it if need be and how when I get up in the morning and take that first look in the mirror and can see it is actually still ME! I would have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer to anyone and indeed everyone I come into contact with who may need help with their hair during any time of their life." - D L
"I first met Jennifer towards the end of 2009 in a consultation booked in advance of the chemotherapy treatment that would result in the loss of my hair. Following pretty extensive researches, I was determined to get a hair replacement system that would look the least wig-like possible - just because I was going through cancer treatment, I didn't see why the world at large should know about it! Jennifer discussed my options with me in a professional, informative. reassuring and genuinely caring manner and it was great to be able to return to her a few weeks later in early 2010 when the treatment had done its worst and, with the high quality, custom-fit system that had resulted from my initial consultation securely in place where my own hair had been. I left the salon with my dignity restored and confidence renewed, as well as feeling very much like the pre-treatment 'normal me' was 'back' and that I was looking pretty good indeed. Even when my own hair started growing back, I continued with hair systems for several years as they supplied the length I had previously been used to, with the added bonus that they protected my 'virgin' hair during its initial regrowth and way beyond until I had achieved the condition and length I was aiming for. Jennifer was always on hand to dispense helpful attention and advice regarding the care and management of my re-growing hair and I continued use of the systems as well as ensuring these were well maintained, so that I always left the salon looking my very best. Since those early days of 2009/2010 I have continuously placed the health and well-being of my hair needs and care in Jennifer's hands and over the years we have enjoyed many a giggle during my appointments where I have been able to relax in a friendly, supportive and discreet environment. I am pleased beyond measure that my researches during a very stressful time led to meeting Jennifer and obtaining a transforming hair solution at a time this was so desperately needed and, given that she has as much knowledge of my post-treatment hair as I do, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else to maintain it!"
- Anne Marie Jones
"I have worn wigs since I was a child, for over 35 years now. I was never satisfied with how they looked. Having had a couple of disasters with expensive human hair wigs I had settled on wearing synthetic ones. My 2 daughters both inherited my hair loss condition. I decided to start researching a better alternative and Jennifer was recommended to me. When I first spoke to Jennifer and explained my situation she immediately put me at ease and I knew she understood exactly what I was looking for. I live in Dublin and it wasn't really an option for me to travel to London. Despite everything having to be done over the phone, I felt as though I was given exactly the same service I would have received in a face to face consultation. Right from the first phone call I had complete faith in Jennifer's expertise. She would answer questions I had even before I had to ask them and regularly went the extra mile for me. I am now the proud wearer of a stunning Follea wig and for the first time I feel totally confident wearing hair, it was the perfect solution for me. Jennifer is now helping me find the right hair solution for my daughters and I know that I am going to be equally delighted with the end result. She has been a true professional from start to finish and I look forward to being a client for many years to come."
- Mandy Browning
"From the moment I met Jennifer and discussed my hair problems I felt at ease, and realised she completely understood me more than anyone else I had spoken to in the past. She was complete kindness personified as we discussed my medical history, hair history, life history and my hopes and expectations for ‘help with my hair’. At no point did I feel rushed or futile as she paid full attention to everything I said and then examined my own hair and scalp carefully before we decided on a solution. I did not feel remotely pressured or persuaded and left feeling positive and excited about the future. I was not to be disappointed when my new hair arrived and was fitted. I felt fantastic again for the first time in years. I feel this way when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror. All of my family and friends have been blown away by the natural but stunning hair I now wear. I feel a massive weight has been lifted as I can focus on living my life to the full and enjoying my family and life in general. I can feel proud when I put on a favourite outfit knowing I look my best again because my hair is right. My confidence has soared and that is no exaggeration. Jennifer has now been looking after me regularly for a year and I cannot thank her enough. I look forward to seeing her like an excited child as I know she will give me back perfect hair each time; better than it even was before my hair loss. She is a diamond, a true professional and now a great friend. I would recommend anyone suffering with hair loss/problems to seek her out with no delay. Get on and live your life without worrying about your hair!" - Lauren Hayes
"As soon as I was diagnosed I knew I wanted to maintain my career, style and appearance - my hair is fundamental to my 'look'. The hair system Jennifer arranged for me is a beautiful, perfect colour match, and really high quality hair. It's also longer and thicker than my own hair, which helped relieve the stress of losing my natural hair by replacing it with hair that I had only ever dreamed of! It takes time to adjust to how the system feels, but after a few weeks it felt very easy and I've received so many compliments. It's really played an important part in supporting me through treatment and enables me to keep working, my colleagues forgot about my cancer and it's great to know that day to day it's impossible to tell I'm having chemotherapy or have cancer and this helps me forget for a while too. Jennifer and Rachel at the salon are very helpful throughout and I never leave the salon feeling anything but fabulous."
- Addi
"Jennifer Effie could not have been more helpful when I telephoned her concerning a hair loss problem. She gave me all the information about the options available in a very clear and concise way. She also provided terrific emotional support, and I immediately felt better about the situation having talked to her. She never pushed any particular products and honestly seemed to be totally driven by a desire to help. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
- JG
"My name is Susan Pearl. I'm 60 years old. This year I had the misfortune of losing my hair due to chemotherapy and therefore needed a wig. I was recommended to go and see Jennifer. I was very nervous and concerned about finding a wig to emulate my own hair.
Jennifer immediately made me feel at ease with her gentle reassuring manner. I can honestly say that, after trying several wigs, I finally found the perfect match which was no mean feat as I have very full, wavy, coarse hair. In fact, people, including family members, that I hadn't seen for some time, were unaware that I was even wearing a wig!!!
Jennifer helped me through a very traumatic period in my life and was consistently
kind and helpful, I'm so very grateful to her."
- Susan Pearl
"The thing that frightened me most about getting breast cancer was losing my hair. I know it sounds vain but going bald worried me more than the nausea, the night sweats and the aching limbs.
I’m a redhead. All my life I’ve felt defined by my hair. I hated being “a ginger’ when I was a kid because I got teased at school. But as I grew older I came to like the fact that I stood out. And I was lucky, because my hair was long, thick and shiny, one of my best attributes. I’d tried wearing it short but it didn’t suit me.
"I also wanted to carry on working as long as possible during my treatment and didn’t want to look like a sick person.
My oncologist reassured me that not everyone loses their hair doing chemotherapy these days. He recommended I wear an ice cap which freezes the hair follicles as the chemo drugs are administered intravenously. It’s painful but I did manage to hold onto about fifty per cent. Unfortunately, the other fifty per cent was on my crown, which left me with a large bald patch on top. It was not a good look.
At that point I started to investigate wigs. The first one I tried on at the chemo clinic was fake hair and it was bright red. I looked awful, like a cheap drag queen or a clown. Then I tried one which was fifty fifty. It was a little better but you could tell it was a wig and it was a lot of money. I was so depressed, I cried myself to sleep that night. How would I ever find a wig that matched my hair colour and made me look like my old self?
"Then a friend told me about Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions. From the moment we first spoke on the phone, I knew I was in good hands. Jennifer is like a highly trained counsellor as well as hairdresser. First we settled on real hair. It was much more expensive than the fake ones but worth every penny and after Jennifer had coloured it with highlights, it matched my colour exactly. She also told me to keep coming back until it was completely comfortable which I did. It takes a while to get used to wearing a wig but Jennifer and her team held my hand through the transition. Now I barely notice that I’m wearing one. 
"The first time I wore my new wig in the office I felt self-conscious until one of my male colleagues asked me if I’d had my hair done. He thought I’d had a wash and blow dry. I nearly leapt in the air with joy. As my real hair began to grow back, the wig was adjusted into a hairpiece which sits on the crown of my head. I love it. I boast to my friends that I never have bad hair days anymore because I just pop on my wig and it looks great."
- Kirsty Lang
woman with long black hair
"I have had hair extensions for many years now and I would only have them done with Jennifer. The beads she uses do not damage your hair and the quality of hair that she uses is the best. Having extensions gives me more confidence and my hair looks thicker and is more manageable. Because the beads are metal it means you don't have to worry about the heat from your hot tongs. I think you will agree my hair looks much better with the hair extensions in."
- Linda Lusardi
"I've been going to Jennifer for my hair extensions for almost 10 years. She's the only person I trust to do them. I get lots of compliments on my hair and people are usually surprised when I admit to having extensions as they look so natural. This is all down to Jennifer She genuinely cares about her clients and will always do her upmost to make you feel great and confident with your hair. I couldn't recommend anyone more."
- Adele Silva
blonde hair wig
"Jennifer is my saviour, only someone suffering from hair loss knows the pain and embarrassment I felt for many years. My hair thinned as a young women. There was nothing more I wanted than to have normal hair. I felt everyone stared at me. Hair is woman's crowning glory. Jennifer not only found me the right solution for me, but she exceeded my expectations by the care and advice she gave me . Even now few years later, she's a phone call away and will be with me for the rest of my life."
- Janet Wright
"My hair system saved my life. For me the worst thing about having cancer was losing my hair and thanks to Jennifer I was able to go through the cancer feeling normal. The system is comfortable and light to wear and wonderful to wake up in the morning with hair on my head. The maintenance was easy and I can't thank Jennifer enough for all her kindness and help."
- Mary Gilberg
"I have been a client of Jennifer’s for 5 years, in that time" I’ve had great advice and a very supportive relationship with her. She knows this industry well and draws on extrusive experience. Hair replacement is such a personal and sensitive matter and makes all the difference when you trust your consultant. Jennifer has always had that knack of putting me at ease so I can discuss options in a clear and straight forward manor. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer to anyone who has hair loss problems."
- Kelly Grover
For quality hair enhancements in London, get in touch with Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions on
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