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Joli Caméléon

Natural wigs in London

Are you looking to buy natural wigs in London? Get in touch with Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions. 

"Joli Cameleon has been supplying professional hair solutions for the past 10 years and offers a wide range of products to suit everyone"

Joli Caméléon™ create advanced design natural wigs and Toppe™ hairpieces from the finest quality hand-selected human hair. It is cut and purchased from willing donors whose life it improves. They offer 3 hair types for specific product application and price target reasons. All their hair starts out as cuticle intact, unprocessed, virgin ponytail hair. It is then double-drawn to remove shorter hairs and gently worked to match their colour ring or custom colour requirements. Their special techniques maintain hair integrity to the best of their ability. Each hair type has its own distinct properties.
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The Joli Caméléon range hair creations for women who want all their hair back

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Luxurious natural French top wigs

For natural hair wigs, try Joli Caméléon. Contact Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions on
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