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Alopecia Solutions

Alopecia solutions in London

If you are looking for alopecia solutions, contact the professional team from Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions in London today. 

Alopecia is a condition that is affecting more women and children every day. This is a medical condition ...

... that is still being researched. There are several types of alopecia; each condition resulting in a different form or pattern of hair loss.

At present, cosmetic solutions seem to be the main option. However, finding the right cosmetic hair solution isn’t always as easy, as everyone’s expectations of what looks natural is different. Finding the right solution is important as it needs to give the individual confidence, feel comfortable and most importantly it needs to fit in with your lifestyle.
Types of Alopecia include:
• Alopecia areata - an autoimmune condition common amongst people with
  thyroid disease, diabetes vitiligo and Down’s syndrome
• Alopecia totalis - an autoimmune condition
• Alopecia universalis - an auto immune condition
• Scarring alopecia - caused by permanent damage to the hair follicles that is
  common in post-menopausal woman
• Anagen effluvium is caused by medical treatments for cancer
• Telogen effluvium - a temporary hair loss caused by your body reacting to
  hormonal changes i.e. pregnancy, intense emotional or physical stress, short or
  long term illnesses, changes in diet or medication to treat illness such as high
  blood pressure.
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 Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions offers you the solution that best suits your needs. This may be human hair, a synthetic wig, or a bespoke JE hair replacement system.
hair replacement

Alopecia Hair replacement bespoke service

We don't believe that one solutions is right for every client as every women's perception of what is naturally is always different. At Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions we can recreate how your hair looked before you experienced hair loss with the JE Hair Bespoke system.

• ... so it can be cut to recreate your hairstyle
  before you experienced hair loss
• To measure by making a mould of your head
• On a comfortable base

• To match the colour, texture and density of
  your hair before experiencing hair loss
• With a natural undetectable hair line
• On a breathable base so it does not affect the
  regrowth of your hair
• To create the illusion that hair is growing from
  your scalp
• To allow you to wash, blow dry and straighten
  the hair as you would your own
• To give you the freedom to change your
• To give the option to wear your hair in a
  ponytail or French plait
• So you can tuck your hair behind your ears
• So the hair can be worn off your face
• To be worn permanently or temporarily
human hair wigs

Wig Options

• Synthetic wigs 
• Human Hair Wigs
"... I have continuously placed the health and well-being of my hair needs and care in Jennifer's hands and
over the years we have enjoyed many a giggle ..."
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